What is Integrated Pest Management? It’s You and Us Working Together!


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is about identifying a pest problem and a solution that matches your needs. The pest control company and you will work together to perform pest management services. This partnership will allow immediate and lasting resolutions to underlying conditions. Cornerstone Pest Management can identify a pest infestation and provide a comprehensive plan to resolve the problems. It is just all together better when we work together!


For the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to work it needs your help. Taking care of the root issues require the input of the homeowner. By working together to develop a lasting solution, we can take pest control to a new level. Our technicians will strategize, monitor, identify, and resolve issues regarding ants, spiders, fleas, snails, slugs and bed bugs. The bottom line is that to have an effective IPM plan is requires your cooperation. Let’s work together to take care of the pests!


Here are some pest management steps you can take now to make your home safer:


Inside your home:

  • Keep your house clean, watch areas with food and be sure to clean up.
  • Hide away grains, cereals and other food in sealed containers.
  • Don’t leave garbage out in the open. Keep them away from insects and empty the containers often.
  • Weather-strip home openings (doors and windows) to eliminate entrances for pests.
  • Repair screens on windows and doors, or consider installing screens if you don’t have them
  • Don’t have any leaky faucets or drains
  • Keep the attic clean and check the area for pest issues.
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